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Fixing Foam 400ml
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Fixing foam




This product combined the functions of heat insulation, cold insulation, moisture-proof, quakeproof, insulation, sealing, seal, heat preservation, cementation together,with the characteristics of high foaming quantity, the flexibility good, the cementation intensity high, characteristics and so on .It is the modern most ideal new building material, has the environmental protection energy conservation, construction convenience


Scope of application:
Windows and doors installment: Between windows and doors and wall sealing seal, fixed caking.
Advertisement model: The model, the sand table manufacture, unfolds board patching.
Sound-insulated noise elimination: Repair and so on the time language sound chamber, broadcast studio slit fills, may play the sound-insulated noise elimination role.
The gardening makes the scenery: Flower arrangement, slit, wall brick, brick, floor patching.
Guards against the water blocking to leak: Loophole and so on water conduct, sewer patching, stop up originally leak.
Packing and transportation: Prevent the expensive the fragile goods from broken, time saving and fast, earthquake durable.


Using Method:
1. 3-5 hour.
2. Before the use, sways the hoisting bucket fully (at least 20 times), guarantees in the pot the material to be even.
3.If uses the gun type froth sealing medicinal preparation, when use the hoisting bucket inversion and the spray gun screw joint, revolving opens the flow valve, after the adjustment current capacity carries on again spraying.
4. When spraying pays attention to the approaching speed, usually sprays the quantity to have to fill the volume one half then. Filled when the vertical slit when should from bottom to top, on the packing such as ceiling slit, as a result of the gravity function, the solidification froth possibly has not been able to fall, after suggested just filled carries on the suitable support, treated the froth solidification and evacuates the support again after the seam wall caking.
5. About 10 minutes, the froth skin drying, after 1 hour the froth solidifies approximately, and the froth achieves the best load-bearing effect stably in g.
6. Slices the extra amount froth with the knife, then in superficial water used soil mortar, coating or silica gel .Before the construction, should remove the greasy dirt and the floating dust from the surface, and sprays the few water in the construction surface, causes its moistly
7. the use finished, takes down the hoisting bucket, cleans cleanly with the special-purpose cleansing agent the spray gun


1. The hoisting bucket normal application temperature for 5℃~ 40℃, the best application temperature 18℃~ 25℃, the temperature can affect the foaming quantity, the temperature excessively is low when uses the foaming quantity to reduce also can have the few excesses. Therefore in the low temperature situation suggested this the constant temperature lays aside in 30℃~ 40℃ the environment 30 minutes to use again, or after is not higher than 40℃ the lukewarm water immersion hoisting bucket heating uses.
2. Suggested one time uses up, if causes not to be able to use up, may use: Keeps in the hoisting bucket the spray gun, the shutting down rate-of-flow controller (guards against air to enter, causes froth hardening and spray gun damage), the erect lays aside in ventilates coolly place; Or dismounts the hoisting bucket, is clean with the cleansing agent the spray gun and the valve clean, the erect lays aside is ventilating coolly place, but long-term storage.


Storage and packing:
1. Stock the product in ventilate warehouse at 15-35℃ temperature,keep away from heat, fire and flammable goods, inversion prohibited. The shelf time is 9 month from the date of production. It is available to use based on passing of the test if beyond the shelf life.
2. Preserve and transport as non dangerous product.
3. Packing:500ml/barrel. 750ml/barrel,in iron barrel.


Technical Feature:




Liquid in the tin, ejected material is foam with even color

Density(kg/m 3 )

≥ 10

Size stability(23 ± 2 ℃ , 48h , %)

≤ 5

Tensile bond strength(KPa)

Aluminium board

Standard condition 7days

≥ 80

Inundate 7days

≥ 60

PVC plastic board

Standard condition7days

≥ 80

Inundate 7days

≥ 60

Cement mortar board

Standard condition 7days

≥ 60

Shear strength(KPa)

≥ 80

Foam multiples(multiple)

40 ~ 50